Flexible TEDs can be embedded into virtual reality applications called ThermoReal®
We can intensify realism by incorporating heat, chill and pain into VR/AR/games !

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TEGway Co, an affiliate of ThermoReal Inc., developed the world’s first high performance flexible thermoelectric device (F-TED).

Based on F-TED technology, ThermoReal Inc. is introducing ThermoReal® solution which enables game/VR/AR players to feel temperature and pain according to the game scenes with no delay.

ThermoReal® solution can be integrated to joystick, controller or game pad and ultimately, in the future, to haptic glove or VR suite.


ThermoReal® 在F-TED技术基础上提供解决方案,使玩家可以在 VR 或 AR 等游戏环境中瞬间感受到温度和疼痛。该解决方案极大地增强了现实感并使游戏体验效果更好。

Latest News

Cool Headphone set

Heat accumulated from prolonged use of headphone set makes its use very uncomfortable for game players.  TEGway’s ThermoReal technology can relieve such discomfort by cooling off the headset cushion.

We are currently developing a concept of integrating TEGway flexible thermoelectric module to the headphone set and conveying the chill created by the flexible thermoelectric device to the area where skin touches.

HMD with ThermoReal

Another thermal haptic hardware device developed by TEGway!!!  We integrated multiple small size flexible thermoelectric modules to HMD and now you can feel thermal sensation (hot, cold) thru HMD while playing VR or game.

[Daily Mail] The Thermoreal gadget that lets you feel heat, cold and PAIN in virtual reality

A new handheld device has been developed that lets users feel heat, cold and even pain in virtual and augmented reality. The Thermoreal is a slim, flexible thermo-electric device (TED) that can rapidly heat up or cool down in response to virtual environments. The device simulates pain …  >> Read more <<

[MashableAsia] This gadget can make you feel hot or cold in virtual reality

There’s now another element to add to your VR experience. This startup has created a device that is meant to “drastically heighten” your VR game — by letting you experience elements like heat, cold — and even pain. The ThermoReal, created by TEGway — a spin-off of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology — is a thermo-electric device that can go from 4 to 40°C …  >> Read more <<

[engadget] ThermoReal lets you feel heat, cold and even pain in VR and AR

While some companies are trying to make AR and VR more immersive via haptic feedback, one startup decided to focus on the thermal aspects of the experience. TEGway, a spin-off of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, has created a slim, flexible thermo-electric device (or “TED” in short) that can rapidly heat up or cool down, covering a temperature range of 4 to 40 degrees Celsius (39.2 to 104 degrees …  >> Read more <<

[電獺少女] VR世代大躍進!!看33家『VIVE X加速器』如何展現VR新生態?

首先是「ThermoReal」的體感技術,他們將冷、熱溫度的體驗做到VR的裝置上面,只要握著手把就可以明顯感受到冰涼感和灼熱感,而且反應的速度非常快!如果應用在遊戲上面就會變得更加有趣,因為在你發射攻擊的當下同時就能感受到熱熱的或是冰冰的效果喔! >>